Wichita Anesthesiology Chartered
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It is our pleasure to introduce you to the staff of Wichita Anesthesiology, Chartered (WAC) consisting of 20 Anesthesiologists, 25 Certified Nurse Anesthetists, and 5 Registered Nurses. Our staff represents a diverse base of education, training, and experience. Included in our group are the only four board certified cardiac anesthesiologists in Wichita as well as three board certified pediatric anesthesiologists. 

We are committed to remain on the "cutting edge" of one of medicines fastest advancing specialties while making compassionate patient oriented health care the cornerstone of our practice.  The unique size of WAC makes it possible to provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, comprehensive anesthesia with a depth of experience unmatched by any anesthesia provider in the area.  With over 340 years of combined experience, WAC is able to offer expertise in all areas of surgical anesthesia with the exception of obstetrics as well as ancillary services such as Acute Pain Management, Chronic Pain Management, Cardiothoracic Anesthesia, Pediatric Anesthesia, and many others.  

The reputation and ultimate quality of any organization providing health care is completely dependent on the individuals comprising that organization. We are extremely proud of our staff and believe WAC's reputation for leadership in the anesthesia community is directly attributed to them.   

Wichita Anesthesiology, Chartered offers a diverse base of education, training, and experience to remain on the "cutting edge" of one of medicines fastest advancing specialties.